PA Herps

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Reptiles and Amphibians of Pennsylvania:

By Christina Obrecht

There are 20 different types of snake in Pennsylvania; 3 of which are venomous. 72 reptiles and amphibian species are native to the state of PA.  (Picture to the right is of the eastern massasauga rattlesnake; found in the western part of PA). For more information please click on the species names below or go to

Venomous Snakes:(3)                                                

*Timber rattlesnake - black phase/yellow phase

*Northern copperhead

*Eastern massasauga

Non-Venomous Snakes:(17)

*Northern Black Racer

*Eastern (Black) Rat 

*Eastern Garter Snake

*Eastern Hognose snake

*Eastern Milk snake

*Eastern Ribbon snake

*Eastern Worm snake

*Kirtland's snake

*Northern Brown snake

*Northern Ringneck snake

*Northern Watersnake

*Queen snake

*Northern Red-Bellied snake

*Northern Rough Green snake

*Shorthead Garter Snake

*Eastern Smooth Earth snake

*Smooth Green snake

Lizards: (4)

*Eastern Fence lizard

*Northern Coal Skink

*Common Five-Lined Skink

*Broadhead Skink

*Italian wall lizard (introduced species)


*Common Snapping turtle

*Midland Painted turtle

*Eastern Painted turtle

*Spotted turtle

*Wood turtle

*Bog turtle

*Blanding's turtle

*Common Map turtle

*Eastern Mud turtle

*Northern Redbelly Cooter

*Eastern Box turtle

*Common Musk turtle

*Eastern Spiny Softshell

*Midland Smooth Softshell

*Red-Eared Slider


Frogs & Toads:(17)

*Eastern American toad

*Fowler's toad

*Northern Cricket frog

*Eastern Gray Treefrog

*Cope's Gray Treefrog


*Green frog

*Pickerel frog

*Northern Leopard frog

*Wood frog

*Atlantic Coast Leopard frog

*Mountain Chorus frog

*Upland Chorus frog

*New Jersey Chorus frog

*Western Chorus frog

*Northern Spring Peeper

*Eastern Spadefoot



*Jefferson salamander

*Spotted salamander

*Marbled salamander

*Tiger salamander


*Green salamander

*Northern Dusky salamander

*Seal salamander

*Mountain Dusky salamander

*Northern two-lined salamander

*Longtail salamander

*Northern Spring salamander

*Four-Toed salamander

*Northern Redback salamander

*Northern Slimy salamander

*Valley & Ridge salamander

*Northern ravine salamander

*Wehrle's salamander

*Eastern Mud salamander

*Northern red salamander


*Eastern (red spotted) Newt



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