Successful Rehomed Crocodilians

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We have rescued over 160 crocodilians from all over the country thus far. If you'd like to keep up with all of our rescues and adoptables, as not all are posted on our website, please give our Facebook page (Christina's Reptile & Animal Sanctuary) a like.

Rehoming the alligators, caiman, or crocodiles:

If you can not keep your crocodilian, we will try to re-home it for you, as we can not keep them all.  This process COULD take a couple of weeks, to align transportation, make sure we have empty habitats available until transporting to their forever home, and ensure we find the proper placement for them.  They will only be re-homed with someone who has crocodilian experience and that will already have the room for an adult. We have connections through various rescues, zoos, other educational facilities such as universities, wildlife centers and so forth, and sanctuaries throughout the United States.  We do ask for a small donation, of your choosing if possible, for the re-homing. We esp. take our crocodilians very serious! Ours at the sanctuary are worked with/trained, socialized, handled on a regular basis, and some are used in our educational programs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Steve was a rescue from Hellertown

Buddy came from a home not too far from the Sanctuary

Junior was a surrender from Pittsburgh

Eve was a rescue from NY

Lastat was a rescue from NY


Snuggles - surrender from in town

Alli - came from a loving family

Amos - came from Stroudsurg/Saylorsburg area

Uno - surrender from Bethlehem


Snappy - surrender from West Chester PA

Snickers - surrender from York

Duke, 8 foot - rescue from Pittsburgh

Duke, 8 foot- rescue from Pittsburgh

Franklin - rescue from NJ

Oreo - rescue from Sunbury, PA

Chief - rescue from NJ

Fireball - rescue from NJ


Fireball - rescue from NJ


Tucker - rescue from Honesdale, PA





Taz "Wally"







Spectacled caiman

Spectacled caiman (3)

Spectacled caiman (2)