Penn State University

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Speaking at PSU main campus

We had the pleasure of being asked to several universities and colleges throughout the years; one of the most memorable being, Penn State University. The state college was a beautiful place; and we also had taken several animals along; including Apollo, our 6 foot american alligator.  We have been there six times so far, and we always look forward to going back.  Recent photos of our class on April 24th 2024.  

Tiny the alligator

Tiny the alligator

2024 Class


Students like Salmon

Getting Ready For Class love the large screens

Talking about the sanctuary and what we do

Tiny the alligator

Alligators at the hotel; oh my!

Tiny, Maximus, & Agro; staying overnight at Penn State

Me Larry & Salmon

Reptile talk

Measuring snake

                                                                                            Relaxing With Chubber After Teaching