Apollo the Alligator

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Pictures of Apollo the Alligator

Apollo is one of our most memorable animal rescues.  We rescued him November 29th, 2009.  Police had found him in an abandoned house in a plastic tote with wooden boards nailed to the top; no food, water, light or heat for an unknown period of time.  Another rescue temporarily took him in, and we told them we would take him.  Ever since we had Apollo we have been working with him and I have personally trained him to do certain "tricks".  Now, he is a very different individual; he is not your typical alligator with everything... He is in no way a dog, or like a dog, though some of his characteristics seem very simialr to that of a dog.  I can't stress this enough, just because Apollo is a very different individual, in no way means anybody that has an alligator will have one like him.  Apollo travels with us on our educational shows in colleges, day cares, camps, schools, birthday parties etc.  He is known worldwide and has even had the opportunity to have met several celebrities such as the gator boys.  He will also have a children's book that we are currently writing, telling his life adventures.  Feel free to check out our gift shop as well, which has Apollo the Alligator T-shirts for sale. 

Apollo with the Gator Boys

Apollo and I with the Gator Boys

Apollo with his very own Gator Boys shirt

Teaching with Apollo

Sporting sunglasses

At a fair

Apollo against animal cruelty

A kiss after an event we had for his job well done

Apollo, Larry, and I

Apollo had his caricature done

Walking at a rescue event

Apollo with a racecar before the Pocono races

Apollo's new friend

Basking in the sun


Group picture with Apollo, myself, Jen and June

He loves his steps

Chillin' before teaching

He's sexy and he knows it

Supporting a cause with a pink rose

Volunteering doing hurdles

Doing more hurdles

Educating at another event

Educating more people

Not quite snake eyes...

Apollo, Jen and I

Apollo and Sonic doing push ups....

Apollo loves his cars! Dodge viper

Dodge viper No. 2!

Supporting another great cause!

Bunny ears?! You're kidding! Happy Easter!

At another rescue event

Supporting a great cause

Sporting Croc Stars mobile reptile displays from Australia!

He loves his motorcycles too!

One handsome boy!

what can i say, he has a thing for sunglasses

Apollo supports the Cancer Society

Police have given him this badge

Apollo with a local officer